SCIWORKERD(8) - System Manager’s Manual


sciworkerd - sci worker daemon


sciworkerd [-j maxbuilds] [-k key] [-t timeout] [-u url] [-w workername]


The sciworkerd daemon waits indefinitely for jobs to execute and send back their result. It requires an access to scid(8) running.

It is strongly advised to run sciworkerd in a clean chroot environment, otherwise you can fetch untrusted scripts if the remote scid gets compromised.

It is part of the sci(7) continuous integration framework.

The following options are available:


Set the maximum number of parallel builds allowed to maxbuilds. Defaults: 4.

-k key

Set the API authentication to key.

-t timeout

Defines in seconds the timeout before a job will be killed. Default: 600 seconds.


Set the url for connecting to scid(8). You can specify a scheme using “http://” or “https://”. Default: “localhost”.


Specify which worker this daemon should refer to using worker as worker name. Default: “default”


The following environment variables affects sciworkerd:


Points to a HTTP URL where scid is running. Must start with a HTTP scheme such as “http” or “https”.


Secret API key to perform requests.


Defines the worker name to connect as.


Register as openbsd worker

$ sciworkerd -w openbsd

Run with maximum of four tasks in parallel with a timeout of five minutes

$ sciworkerd -j 4 -t 300


sci(7), scictl(8), scid(8)

macOS 12.5 - June 30, 2021-2022