SCID(8) - System Manager’s Manual


scid - main sci controller daemon


scid [-f] [-d database-file] [-t theme-directory]
scid api-get
scid api-reset


The scid program is the main controller daemon responsible of the database access and web content. It opens it, creates if does not exist and then update its content.

After that, it opens a CGI/FastCGI service to get HTTP requests either from a web browser or through the dedicated scictl(1) utility.

Usually, you want to setup scid to run with the associated tool kfcgi(8) or any other FastCGI spawner.

It is part of the sci(7) continuous integration framework.

Available options:


Runs as FastCGI process (recommended).

-d database-file

Use path specified database-file as alternative database location.

-t theme-directory

Use theme-directory as theme to use.

Available commands:


Print the configured API key required for scictl(8) and sciworkerd(8).


Reset or create the API key if not already existing in database and print it.

Otherwise, if no command is specified run either as CGI or FastCGI service.


sci(7), scictl(8), sciworkerd(8)

macOS 12.5 - August 4, 2022