NSNAKE(6) - Games Manual


nsnake - a snake game for your terminal


nsnake [-cnsw] [-C color]


You are controlling a snake where the goal is eating food spawning randomly on the screen.

There are two types of food, normal and free, respectively +, *‌.

The head of the snake is symbolized with an *@*.

Each time you eat a piece of food, the snake will be grown by two. If you eat a free piece of food the score will be increased but not the snake’s length.

The following options are available:


Disable colors, by default if the terminal is capable colors are enabled.

-C color

Specify an alternate color between 0 and 8. (default 2)


Do not try to update score file.


Only display high score sorting by descending and exit.


Disable wall crossing. Can be used together with -s to show score with wall crossing disabled.


To move the snake the following keys may be used:

Up, k

Move to up

Down, j

Move to down

Left, h

Move to left

Right, l

Move to right


Suspend the game until p is pressed again.


Change the color.


Quit the game and save the score.


nsnake was written by David Demelier <markand@malikania.fr>


The snake seems to be faster when moving vertically, this is due to terminal character dimensions.

macOS 13.5 - June 17, 2021