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Build translations and update them.


TARGET              target name
SOURCES             target sources
OUTPUTS             output variable
TRANSLATIONS        list of localizations

Generate target and output commands for NLS (via GNU gettext) support for the given TARGET name.

The argument SOURCES must contain sources to extract gettext keywords, it will search for , N. The list of SOURCES can contain any files, only .c and .h will be filtered.

The argument OUTPUTS will be set with the generated .mo files in the binary directory and installed to CMAKE_INSTALL_LOCALEDIR.

The argument TRANSLATIONS should contain a list of languages supported in the gettext form (ll_LL@variant, see ISO 639 and ISO 3166 for more details).

This macro create a <TARGET>-po target that will recreate the .pot file and every .po files in the nls/ directory for each language specified in TRANSLATIONS. Note, if you add a new language into translations but do not copy the .pot file, a warning will be issued and you should copy the .pot file as the new .po language file.

Since the target is modifying files directly in the source tree they are not included in any build process and must be invoked manually.