Irccd 4 is available for testing

For less than one month of work, irccd 4 is already available for extreme testing. All features are implemented, only tests and miscellaneous fixes or cleanup are still pending.

There are some breaking changes but they are documented as usual as it is a major change. See file for steps required.

How to try

There are no official releases for alpha software on Malikania, you will need to use the Mercurial to download irccd 4. The default branch at this time of writing already contain irccd 4 code.

Install prerequisites as detailed in the file and you can quickly install irccd 4 as following:

hg clone
cd irccd
mkdir build
cd build
cmake .. -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug
make && sudo make install
(edit a irccd.conf)
irccd -c irccd.conf

Please make sure to read the new irccd.conf(5) manual page, the syntax has changed.

Please report any bugs or error to the dev mailing list.