NSNAKE(6) - Games Manual


nsnake - a snake game for your terminal


nsnake [-cnsvw] [-C color]


You are controlling a snake where the goal is eating food spawning randomly on the screen.

There are two types of food, normal and free, respectively +, *‌.

The head of the snake is symbolized with an *@*.

Each time you eat a piece of food, the snake will be grown by two. If you eat a free piece of food the score will be increased but not the snake’s length.

The following options are available:


Disable colors, by default if the terminal is capable colors are enabled.

-C color

Specify an alternate color between 0 and 8. (default 2)


Do not try to update score file.


Only display high score sorting by descending and exit.


Be more verbose.


Disable wall crossing. Can be used together with -s to show score with wall crossing disabled.


To move the snake the following keys may be used:

Up, k

Move to up

Down, j

Move to down

Left, h

Move to left

Right, l

Move to right


Suspend the game until p is pressed again.


Change the color.


Quit the game and save the score.


nsnake was written by David Demelier <markand@malikania.fr>


The snake seems to be faster when moving vertically, this is due to terminal character dimensions.

macOS 11.2 - January 26, 2020