Roulette plugin

The plugin roulette is a funny script that let you do a russian roulette game but without any injuries.


The plugin roulette is distributed with irccd. To enable it add the following to your plugins section:

roulette = ""


The plugin roulette just reacts to the special command.


markand: !roulette
irccd: markand, you're lucky this time
markand: !roulette
irccd: markand, you're lucky this time
markand: !roulette
markand was kicked by irccd [markand, HEADSHOT]


The following options are available under the [plugin.roulette] section:

Deprecated in irccd 2.1.0:

  • format-lucky: Use [format.roulette] lucky instead,
  • format-shot: Use [format.roulette] shot instead,


The roulette plugin supports the following formats in [format.roulette] section:

  • lucky: (string) the text to show on luck,
  • shot: (string) the text to show on shot.

Keywords supported

The following keywords are supported:

Format Keywords Notes
(any) channel, command, nickname, origin, plugin, server all formats
lucky count the number of cylinder count left


lucky = "#{nickname} you're gonna get shot"
shot = "BIM"