Auth plugin

The plugin auth provides generic authentication to the most popular services.

For the moment, auth supports the following backends:

  • nickserv: the NickServ service, /msg NickServ identify user pass
  • quakenet: the service, /msg AUTH user pass


The plugin auth is distributed with irccd. To enable it add the following to your plugins section:

auth = ""


You must configure the file to enable authentication.


In your irccd.conf file, add the [plugin.auth] section and fill with the following parameters:

  • server.type: (string), must be nickserv or quakenet,
  • server.password: (string), the password,
  • server.username: (string), the username to use. Required for quakenet, optional for nickserv.

You must replace server with one defined in a [server] section.


freenode.type = "nickserv"
freenode.password = "mysecretpassword"
freenode.username = "jeanfrancois"

wanadoo.type = "nickserv"
wanadoo.password = "wanadoo is dead"