Configuration file format

Both irccd and irccdctl use configuration file in a extended INI format.

General syntax

The file syntax has following rules:

  1. Each option is stored in a section,
  2. Some sections may be redefined multiple times,
  3. Empty option must have quotes (e.g. option = "").

The @include statement

Irccd adds an extension to this format by adding an @include keyword which let you splitting your configuration file.

You can use both relative or absolute paths. If relative paths are used, they are relative to the current file being parsed.


@include "rules.conf"
@include "servers.conf"

myoption = "1"

The list construct

When requested, an option can have multiples values in a list. The syntax uses parentheses and values are separated by commas.

If the list have only one value, you can just use a simple string.


Example: two servers defined in a rule
servers = ( "server1", "server2" )
Example: only one server
servers = "only-one-server"