Irccd uses different types of paths depending on the context.

  • Configuration
  • Data
  • Plugins

Paths prefixed by (W) means they are only used on Windows, others prefixed by (U) means they are used on Unix.


The following directories are searched in the specified order for configuration files. For example, the files irccd.conf and irccdctl.conf will be searched there.

  • (W) %APPDATA%/irccd/config
  • (U) ${XDG_CONFIG_HOME}/irccd
  • (U) ${HOME}/.config/irccd (if XDG_CONFIG_HOME is not set)
  • installation-directory/etc


  • /home/john/.config/irccd/irccd.conf
  • /usr/local/etc/irccd.conf
  • C:/Program Files/irccd/etc/irccd.conf
  • C:/Users/john/AppData/irccd/config


The data directory is only used by plugins, it is dedicated to store important files such as plugin assets, logs or anything that is meaningful for the user or the plugin.

The following directories as searched in order:

  • (W) %APPDATA%/irccd/share
  • (U) ${XDG_DATA_HOME}/irccd
  • (U) ${HOME}/.local/share/irccd (if XDG_DATA_HOME is not set)
  • (W) installation-directory/share
  • (U) installation-directory/share/irccd

For plugins, the path is appended with plugin/<plugin_name> (e.g. plugin/ask).


  • /home/john/.local/share/irccd/plugin/ask
  • /usr/local/share/irccd/plugin/ask
  • C:/Users/john/AppData/irccd/share/plugin/ask
  • C:/Program Files/irccd/share/plugin/ask


These directories are searched in the following order to load plugins when they are not specified by full paths.

  • current working directory
  • (W) %APPDATA%/irccd/share/plugins
  • (U) ${XDG_DATA_HOME}/irccd/plugins
  • (U) ${HOME}/.local/share/irccd/plugins (if XDG_DATA_HOME is not set)
  • (W) installation-directory/share/plugins
  • (U) installation-directory/share/irccd/plugins


  • /home/john/.local/share/irccd/plugins/ask.js
  • /usr/local/share/irccd/plugins/ask.js
  • C:/Users/john/AppDAta/irccd/share/plugins/ask.js
  • C:/Program Files/irccd/share/plugins/ask.js