IRCCD-TEST(1) General Commands Manual IRCCD-TEST(1)

irccd plugin tester

irccd-test [-c config] id|path

The irccd-test program is a simple utility to test plugins on the command line.

You can test a global plugin by just specifying plugin's id or using a full filesystem path.

It opens a prompt that waits for user input, each line consist of a specific plugin event. These are mostly the same as the Javascript API offers.

If compiled with libedit library, the prompt offers basic completion for the plugin events.

When a event requires a server, a fake debugging server is created if it does not exists already. That fake server simply prints every command on the command line instead of sending them through IRC.

The following commands are allowed as input:

Example with a local plugin:
$ irccd-test test.js
> onLoad
> onMessage localhost francis #general Bonjour

Example with a global plugin:

$ irccd-test hangman
> onLoad
> onCommand localhost francis #general

October 6, 2019 Linux 5.3.1-arch1-1-ARCH