Build options

Customizing the build

You can configure some features when compiling irccd.

Disabling JavaScript

You can disable JavaScript support.

$ cmake .. -DWITH_JS=Off

Disabling SSL

You can disable OpenSSL support, it is automatically unset if OpenSSL is not found.

$ cmake .. -DWITH_SSL=Off

Disabling all documentation

You can disable all the documentation.

$ cmake .. -DWITH_DOCS=Off

See below to disable only specific parts of the documentation.

Disabling HTML documentation

By default if Pandoc is available, the HTML documentation is built, you can disable it.

$ cmake .. -DWITH_HTML=Off

Disabling man pages

You can disable installation of manuals.

$ cmake .. -DWITH_MAN=Off

Installation path

Sometimes, you may need to install irccd over other place, for that, you can specify the prefix where to install files.

On Unix systems, it's usually /usr/local and C:/Program Files/Irccd on Windows.

To change this, use the following:

$ cmake .. -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/opt/some/directory

Manual pages path

By default, irccd use ${CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX}/share/man for manual pages. Some systems use different one.

For example, on FreeBSD the typical use would be:

$ cmake .. -DWITH_MANDIR=/usr/local/man