Method: constructor

Construct a new server


Irccd.Server(params) /* constructor */


  • params: parameters.

The params argument may have the following properties:

  • name: the name,
  • host: the host,
  • ipv6: true to use ipv6, (Optional: default false)
  • port: the port number, (Optional: default 6667)
  • password: the password, (Optional: default none)
  • channels: array of channels (Optiona: default empty)
  • ssl: true to use ssl, (Optional: default false)
  • sslVerify: true to verify (Optional: default true)
  • nickname: "nickname", (Optional, default: irccd)
  • username: "user name", (Optional, default: irccd)
  • realname: "real name", (Optional, default: IRC Client Daemon)
  • commandChar: "!", (Optional, the command char, default: "!")


var s = new Irccd.Server({
    name: "localhost",
    host: "localhost",
    nickname: "kevin",
    ssl: true,
    sslVerify: false