irccd  3.1.1 (39:67ce6a1baa1e)
irccd Documentation

Welcome to the irccd C++ API.


The irccd libraries let you create your own native plugins but also your own bot from scratch if you want.


The irccd libraries are split and described as following:

Library Description Dependencies Convenient header
libirccd Common utilities libjson none
libirccd-ctl Classes to connect to irccd instance libirccd-daemon <irccd/ctl.hpp>
libirccd-test Tools to create unit tests libirccd-daemon, libirccd-js <irccd/test.hpp>
libirccd-js Libraries to create Javascript APIs and plugins libirccd-daemon, libduktape <irccd/js.hpp>
libirccd-daemon Everything related to irccd instance libirccd <irccd/daemon.hpp>

There is also external libraries shipped with irccd:

Library Description Link
libduktape Javascript engine duktape
libjson Niels Lohmanns' JSON json