If you already used irccd in the past, you can skip this section.

At the beginning irccd was a very simple project used internally to record our Mercurial commits over IRC. So I started writing irccd and it's dedicated tool irccdctl to be able to send the commit our messages over our IRC channel.

At that time, I was a huge fan of the Lua programming language so I decided to integrate it within irccd to create plugins with an API exported by irccd, the whole API was powerful enough to create funny plugins. Then few plugins appeared: history, logger, roulette, ask, antiflood, badwords.

Then, when irccd was at a stable stage, I released its first 1.0.0 version the 2013-09-13.

After that, I experienced few rants about Lua, I decided to move away from it. I will not explain here the things I disliked about Lua. After two years of intensive development, irccd 2.0 was shipped with a JavaScript API instead of Lua.

Irccd 2.0 is not a complete rewrite, major parts of the code are kept unchanged but because lots of things have changed I almost consider it as a new project and decided to reset its development repository to start a clean, fresh new work with less errors.